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Welcome to the Thriving Not Surviving radio show with Gina Gardiner. My guest today is Marci Shimoff, and our topic is "How to raise your current happiness level, learn a powerful process to open your heart and dissolve pain, deal with negativity in relationships and environment and finally the three essential happiness habits."

Marci Shimoff is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, a world-renowned transformational teacher, and an expert on happiness, success, and unconditional love. Marci’s books include the runaway bestsellers, 'Happy for No Reason', 'Love for No Reason', and six titles in the phenomenally successful Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series.  Her books have sold more than 16 million copies worldwide in 33 languages, have topped all of the major bestseller lists, and have been on the New York Times bestseller list for a total of 121 weeks. 

Marci is one of the bestselling female non-fiction authors of all time. Marci is also the host of the national PBS television special called Happy for No Reason, is a featured teacher in The Secret, and is the narrator for the award-winning film 'Happy'. Marci currently co-leads a world-wide program called Your Year of Miracles with thousands of participants from 72 countries – for living a life of miracles.

Marci has inspired millions of people around the world and is dedicated to helping people live more miraculous, empowered and joy-filled lives. Please join me in welcoming to our show today, Marci Shimoff.

To learn more about Marci, please visit her website or

**and in the second half of the show, I have a "Genuine Chat", alongside my good friend, author Rachel Davidson. In today's show our topic is "Loneliness"


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