Enlightened Leadership Programme - HR Managers

Katie is an HR Manager responsible for deciding which leadership training her corporate employer will roll out to all employees of management grade. Katie is having a tough time though – she knows that most of the managers she has put through Leadership courses have only retained about 10% of the learning six months later. Katie’s employer has some challenging productivity targets and good management skills are critical to achieving these. But, she has an increasing suspicion that buying the usual Leadership courses is proving to be a waste of money. Katie wonders why it is so difficult to retain and enact the leadership learning? Surely there must be a different way of teaching leadership that can successfully embed the skills for the long term?


Is this you?

Do you feel that much of your HR budget for training is spent on courses which produce transient results at best? Are you fed up with the same poor-leadership employment issues occurring again and again in your organisation (often requiring your HR colleagues to pick up the pieces)? Do you worry about being challenged that all that money spent on training hasn’t proven to be worth it and it will be drastically cut next quarter? Does the quality of leadership within your organisation make the threat of a tribunal more or less likely? Do ever feel your hands are tied behind your back because it’s the leaders at the top creating the problem?

It doesn’t have to be like that!

Leadership can be one of the most enlightening and positive experiences of being in business! Great quality leadership can see your employees achieve wonderful things together. Leadership performed well can definitely improve everyone’s job satisfaction and improve a company’s reputation, productivity and profitability, significantly reducing  business risk too.

I believe great leaders are mindful of the value that being their genuine selves at all times. They understand the power that being authentic creates the ability to inspire and lead others. I believe that great leaders are consciously aware of the need to be the best version of themselves – their highest selves, to know their core values and to live by them.  To walk their talk.

Do you feel that way too?

If you do, then I think that the Genuinely You Enlightened Leadership Programme may well be the perfect fit for your management team.
The Enlightened Leadership programme challenges participants to look deeply into their own values and insecurities, their fears too, in order to be guided carefully and compassionately towards a greater understanding of their strengths and talents. It is this process that I believe produces leaders who feel able to consistently embody the learning that this course delivers. It is this ‘alchemical’ process that enables participants to bring their fairness, strength and compassion to their daily work-leadership roles, and to do it with a sense of ease and grace and, therefore, longevity.

The Genuinely You Enlighted Leadership programme has been designed specifically to actively support participants through this challenging introspection and transformation. Participants will be assigned their own personal leadership-facilitator. They will also have access to me, Gina Gardiner, Genuinely You’s founder and CEO, and also the opportunity to network with other programme participants via interactive group coaching sessions and in the private Face Book support group.
This is a highly challenging leadership programme that will test leadership preconceptions and ‘old-ways’ of thinking. It will be intensive at times, but, if you believe like I do, that leadership should not be a sacrificial act of one’s personal values, then I think it will be a worthwhile investment to commit your team to the deep personal development and growth that this course will require of them.

What the Enlightened Leadership Course Includes:

Course Length = 10 months

  • Weekly Time Commitment = likely to be 2-3 hours per week
  • Pre-boarding assessment
  • Induction session with their Leadership Facilitator who will work with you to identify specific leadership challenges and areas for improvement and the focus of the extended project
  • 9 modules which we recommend will take one month each to complete
  • Monthly 1:1 sessions with their Leadership Facilitator
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth Programme via videos, activities, themed journal, 2x monthly inter-active group coaching sessions
  • Leadership Growth via core reading, presentations, activities, 1:1 sessions with your Leadership Facilitator
  • Participants will undertake an extended project which should focus on a practical leadership need within their daily role
  • Post course assessment, presentation of the outcome of the personal and professional learning which has taken place and of the extended project.  Planning for the future

This course is not for your company if:

  • You have a culture that dislikes any form of self-reflection – weaknesses and faults being reviewed deeply and with vulnerability
  • You are not committed to developing the potential of your staff
  • You are willing to turn a ‘blind eye’ to discontent, the causes of stress or bullying
  • You have a culture that believes it is possible to keep a working life separate from a ‘personal’ life

This course is for you if:

  • You have a culture of preparing first time leaders and that wants to help your employees get it right from the very beginning
  • You have a culture that rejects the old ‘tricksy’ management techniques and being ‘sold’ the latest shortcut to motivate and manage your team
  • You have a culture that seeks to foster the belief in your employees that it is possible to achieve a greater ease and peace about the challenges and behaviours that your business requires of them. More than that – that your organisation wants them to achieve a happier and more fulfilling sense of life in general

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Gina x