Results You Can Expect



Businesses or Organisations

You are constantly working in a challenging business environment. The pace of change has never been faster and leaders need to be able to navigate the changes effectively and support their staff to do the same.

To succeed consistently leaders will need to develop their teams, to motivate, engage and hold them to account in a constructive way and work with all stakeholders in a professional and caring way.

Whilst all the traditional skills are still required the leaders of the future must have the capacity to lead and inspire others, have a strong sense of purpose and social responsibility and the capacity to lead through care and compassion rather than fear and blame


The Enlightened Leadership Programme will help you as an individual by giving you the following skills and capabilities:

  • Achieve the results you desire more quickly and consistently
  • Create clarity about your vision, mission and what the real issue you face are.
  • Prioritise effectively
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships professionally and personally
  • Set and maintain effective boundaries
  • Delegate and hold people to account with strength and compassion
  • Manage and develop the potential of others
  • Recognise your habitual behaviours and their impact.
  • Plan an effective way forward
  • Follow through effectively on your action plan
  • Deal with past challenges and learn from them
  • Reduce stress for you and those you work with
  • Develop emotionally and spiritually
  • Enjoy your professional role and support a good working environment for staff
  • Look forward to your personal and professional future with enthusiasm
  • Create better work-life balance for yourself and your staff
  • Help you identify your true purpose
  • Help you feel happier, be more successful and more fulfilled

The Enlightened Leadership Programme will help you as a business or organisation by giving you the capacity to create, embed and develop:

  • A well-defined, shared vision
  • Clear organisational core values and well defined behaviours by which they will be delivered
  • The capacity to develop a culture which supports the development of staff and of self-organising teams based on development rather than blame
  • Improved strategic planning
  • Better professional relationships
  • Clearer objectives
  • Higher levels of staff satisfaction
  • Less absenteeism due to sickness (physical and mental)
  • Reduced cost of lost productivity due to sickness and stress
  • More effective teams
  • Greater staff stability
  • More energised and resourced workforce
  • Higher level of creativity
  • Better problem solving and solution finding
  • Better work life balance for all staff with clear boundaries
  • Greater loyalty by staff
  • Higher standards of customer care and satisfaction
  • Higher more sustained levels of productivity
  • Increased profitability