How We Support You Through the Process

There are two defined but interconnecting strands to the programme.  One focusses on your personal and spiritual development, the other on developing your capacity to be an Enlightened Leader.  

Once you have signed up:

Pre-programme Activities

In the first instance, there is a questionnaire designed to create your base line and for you to identify areas of development.

The Role of The Enlightened Leadership Facilitators

You will be matched with an Enlightened Leadership Facilitator who will act as your support throughout the programme. The programme is designed to help you dig deep and think about your core beliefs, behaviours, past baggage and your dreams and aspirations so there are likely to be times when things feel challenging.  Your Leadership Facilitator is there to support and challenge you.  To be your champion and coach. Support from your Leadership Facilitator can be accessed via your 1:1 sessions and by email during the month.

Meetings with Your Leadership Facilitator

Before the formal programme begins you will have a 1:1 session via Zoom or Skype to get to know one another, to go through your questionnaire and to agree your project.
You will then meet each month for a 1:1 session with your facilitator to discuss progress with the programme and your project, identify any blocks and help you overcome them, to support, challenge and celebrate wins with you.

Long Term Project

An ongoing element of the programme is your long-term project.  Ideally the project should focus on something which is part of your day to day role.  Something you would like to develop which has a significant element requiring the management of others. The project should be agreed with your Leadership Facilitator during your Pre-Programme session.

The Programme Itself

Each month there will be different themes to support your ongoing development. The personal and spiritual themes and principles are introduced via videos, the leadership themes via PowerPoint Presentations and core reading.

Each Unit has a range of activities based on the learning for that unit, designed to help develop your understanding, confidence and skill base. Your Leadership Facilitator will go through these in your 1:1 sessions.

You are encouraged to take an active part in the Interactive Group Coaching sessions which take place twice a month via Zoom. The themes offered are an enrichment to the formal programme. You can suggest themes which you’d like to be covered and we’ll do our best to include them.  If you would like to be in the Hot Seat and coached within the group session, please let the Admin Team know at least 24 hours before the session again we’ll do our best, but that will be dependent on the number of requests.  
You will be invited to join the private Enlightened Leadership Programme Face Book Group. This is a place to pose questions, identify issues and themes you would like covered and to celebrate your success. Your involvement in supporting one another via the group is invaluable, the more you engage the more you will get out of the process.
The final Leadership Facilitator Session will take one and a half hours.  During which you will be asked to deliver a 20 to 30-minute presentation sharing the outcome of your project. This session will also focus how you have grown personally, spiritually and professionally during the programme and your plans to take things forward.

Tools and Resources

Welcome Pack

As soon as you have been accepted onto the Enlightened Leadership Programme you will be sent your Welcome Pack with the off-line core resources and a detailed overview of the content of the whole programme.

This includes physical Copies of the following books:

  • “Thriving Not Surviving – The 5 Secret Pathways to Happiness Success and Fulfilment”
  • “How to Manage Your Staff More Effectively”
  • “Kick Start Your Career”
  • Thrive Personal Journal


The Thrive Personal Themed Journal is designed to support your personal journey.  This is a private activity unless you choose to share anything with your Leadership Facilitator or other members of the group.

We want to support you throughout your journey so if you would prefer to receive these electronically please let us know ASAP after you sign up.  

Other Resources

You will find a vast bank of resources within the Genuinely-You Membership site.  They include articles, podcasts, videos and other handouts.  These are available for you to watch, listen to and read at your leisure.  You will have life-time access to these resources.