Programme Units

Unit # Personal & Spiritual Leadership

Underlying Principles
Permission, Perspective, Focus, Love, Forgiveness, Playfulness

Connecting Themes
Mindfulness, Survival, The Way to Lasting Change

What sort of leader are you?
Characteristics of Enlightened Leaders

Connecting Themes Continued
The Power of Language
Taking Ownership
Strength and Vulnerability

Exploring beliefs and how they limit or enhance your life

Building Successful Self-Organising Teams
Developing potential

Beliefs (continued)
Developing greater self-worth and confidence

Introducing Love & Relationships
You Are Enough – developing a great relationship with you

Developing Your Potential
Core values and translating these into consistent behaviours

Developing a sense of ownership and responsibility

4 Love & Relationships (continued)
Exploring how to create and maintain positive relationship with others
Effective Communication
Develop your intuition
5 Creating Lasting Success
Avoiding self-sabotage
Conditions for creating and sustaining success
Success breeds success
Developing the Potential of Self and Others
Developing a learning culture
Setting people up to succeed
Holding people to account constructively
6 Creating Lasting Success (continued)
Making the most of your resources

Health & Wellbeing
Your role as an Enlightened Leader in developing a healthy working environment

Improving the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of you and your staff

7 Managing Change & Transitions
Initiating and managing the impact of change

The Management of Change
Creating lasting and successful change

The power of anticipation


Managing Change & Transitions (continued)
Resistance vs. acceptance

Disaster or Opportunity

Choosing to be happy

Deepening consciousness through self-awareness

Taking radical responsibility

Allowing others to take responsibility for their own thinking actions and words



Purpose & Fulfilment
Living your dream

Being of Service

What will your legacy be

The Way Forward Creating a Living Legacy
Self-awareness – recognising the journey is ongoing

Creating a living legacy – strategic planning for the future (Self & Organisation)