Enlightened Leadership - Overview

To lead others well you first need to lead yourself.

The Enlightened Leadership Programme is a unique programme designed to create lasting and positive change by supporting personal and spiritual development alongside comprehensive leadership development.

It is designed to prepare spiritual matriarchs and patriarchs who are able to consistently lead with integrity and heart.  People who will lead with care and compassion and who have the confidence and the ability to hold themselves and others to account productively.

The programme lasts 10 months and provides participants with sustained 1:1 support to encourage, mentor and challenge participants within a structure which facilitates both personal and professional growth. This leads to greater confidence, actions in line with core values, better communication, improved relationships and the creation of successful self-organising teams

It is the ‘Iron Man or Woman’ of Leadership programme's which requires participants to have the courage to be honest and to make changes in their lives.  It is for people who want to make a positive difference in the world and are ready to take action.

The Enlightened Leadership approach has a proven track record.  All the strategies have been tried and tested in a variety of industries and been proven to work when they are applied consistently.  The duration of the programme and the high levels of support are deliberate – providing sustained intervention to facilitate lasting learning and positive change.

Conventional programmes have limited results. Research shows that the impact of leadership courses are often short lived as people revert to their habitual default behaviours soon after the course has ended unless there has been a fundamental shift in the thinking and behaviours of the leaders involved.  Courses then are simply an expensive tick box exercise which acts as a plaster on a boil rather than creating fundamental and lasting improvement in the quality of leadership.

Poor quality leadership is incredibly costly to the individual, the organisation and society as a whole.  Poor leadership creates unnecessary challenges for all those involved. It is commonly identified as one of the main contributory causes of stress, anxiety and depression.

The costs of poor leadership at a personal level -

  • Physical Health: (insomnia, high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, negative impact on the immune system etc.)
  • Mental Health: irritability, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, unhappiness, irrationality, burnout etc.
  • Intellectually: less capacity to maintain a sense of perspective, to find solutions or to be creative
  • Personal Relationships: broken relationships, fragmented families, loneliness etc.
  • Negative impact on financial status – time off work, poor health, less likely to get promotion
  • Less likely to fulfil their potential

The cost of poor leadership at an organisational level

The cost of absenteeism and loss of efficiency and productivity is huge. (In the UK alone £70 - £100 billion a year is lost to the economy through stress, anxiety and depression and it is thought that the cost of presenteeism is at least twice that amount.

  • Absenteeism put a strain on the rest of the staff and the manager – covering the tasks normally undertaken by the person who is absent
  • Impacts on continuity, causes delays in delivering projects on time
  • It impacts on the quality of customer service and reputation
  • It results in a reduction in productivity
  • There is often a significant deterioration in professional relationships
  • It creates problems with replacing the skills, experience and expertise of those who leave
  • It increases the costs of HR support and the chances of being taken to tribunal for bullying
  • Stress increases poor decision making which leads to loss of business or a waste of resources
  • There is greater chance of potential being wasted

The cost of poor leadership to society

•    Cost of health care and state benefits
•    Cost of poor decision making
•    Children from fragmented families are more likely to live in poverty and do less well at school

Who is the course for?

Individuals who want to invest in their career and themselves.  Who want lasting success but not at the cost of having a personal life.

People who want to:

  • learn – curiosity, open mindedness
  • are ready to take charge of their own destiny - responsibility
  • are up for a challenge - courage
  • are willing to do what it takes - commitment
  • are willing to make mistakes and learn from them – prepared to get up when they fall - resilience
  • want to invest in themselves - ownership
  • want to be authentic and live in line with their core values – integrity
  • have a strong desire to support and help others - contribution
  • want to make a positive difference in their world - purpose
  • who have the capacity / potential - growth
  • are ready to develop self-knowledge leading to - self-mastery
  • want to create positive change – game changers
  • have the courage to step out of their comfort zone – to challenge and be challenged - courage
  • have care for themselves, and others and want to play a part in making a better future - compassion
  • have the capacity to encourage, motivate and inspire others – inspiration
  • aim for excellence rather than mediocrity and following the herd – independence
  • recognise that enlightened leadership permeates their whole lives – enlightened leaders lead extra ordinary lives – and support others to do the same – empowerment

Entrepreneurs and small business owners who find they spend too much of their time trying to manage the people they employ and often worry about getting things ‘RIGHT’

Whether it is:

  • The constant battle to manage staff effectively
  • Finding the right staff – and keeping them
  • Holding people to account
  • Worrying about having the difficult conversations when staff are not performing as you want
  • Staff constantly complaining about ‘something’
  • Feeling overwhelmed as everyone wants a piece of you
  • Feeling the only way to get things done properly is to do it yourself
  • Motivating people feels like pushing a bus uphill without an engine
  • Feeling that the “To Do” list is endless and you are not making any inroads
  • Staying competitive in an ever-changing market
  • Feeling you can’t please anyone – your family complain you are never available – even when you are at home
  • You keep missing your children’s concerts, plays and sports days
  • Taking all the financial responsibility but not seen any benefit


Forward thinking enlightened companies who want to invest in their workforce and are highly committed to getting the very best out of their people. Who recognise the only way to do that is to develop and grow extra ordinary – enlightened leaders who can adapt to and embrace today’s fast pace of change. Leaders who have the capacity to influence, motivate and inspire others, with the capacity to transform. Organisations who have a social conscience and want to make a positive difference in the world but who also recognise that doing so will positively impact on their bottom line.

  • Who want to avoid the pitfalls of poor leadership and the inherent costs of stress related ill health, poor staff relationships and the threat of tribunal, loss of productivity, reputation and profit
  • Recognise the only way to do that is to develop and grow extra ordinary – enlightened leaders who can adapt to and embrace today’s fast pace of change. Leaders who have the ability to influence, motivate and inspire others, with the capacity to transform.
  • Recognise the worth enlightened leadership brings in the increased productivity and profitability of their organisation
  • Are ready to identify and invest in the potential of their people, who are committed to supporting personal and professional growth and see its benefits
  • Who care about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all involved – including themselves
  • Who have a commitment to creating healthy working culture and environment for themselves and their staff
  • Who understand that the quality of leadership at every level determines the level of success and the quality of life for all involved
  • See that in a world of ever faster paced change there is a desperate need for a different type of leadership.  One based on high standards, compassion, care and integrity

The Enlightened Leadership Programme IS NOT FOR people who:

  • Like to sit on the side lines rather than take action
  • Are happy to plod on as they are
  • Give in easily when life offers a challenge
  • Like to complain and see themselves as victims
  • Have no sense of excitement and passion about life
  • Want everything handed to them on a plate
  • Are not prepared to invest in themselves and do the work inner work required
  • Avoid anything which feels like a challenge
  • Are not interested in helping others

Or organisations who:

  • Simply want to tick the boxes
  • Who pay lip service to the development of themselves and / or their staff
  • Are prepared to let poor leadership continue and pay the organisational cost of lower levels of productivity, less profit, absenteeism, underperformance due to presenteeism, greater HR and recruitment costs, lack of continuity, poorer customer service etc.