Imagine being able to manifest all your dreams and goals in a supremely capable, effortless, authentic manner. Imagine being consistently in touch with your highest-self, in the sweet-spot of ‘flow’, able to inspire and motivate others with ease. Imagine being the focal point to which abundance, wellbeing and happiness, for you and your team, is magnetically attracted. This kind of leadership in entirely possible and available to you. I have developed a unique and unrivalled approach to help you become an Enlightened Leader. When you embody your genuine power then amazing things will happen!


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Programme Overview

Welcome to Enlightened Leadership


Tom Cutmore
Dental Applications LTD

To lead others, you first need to transform into the best version of yourself and lead from a place of wholeness.  The Enlightened Leadership Programme is a unique, holistic, multi-dimensional programme designed to create lasting positive change by supporting personal and spiritual development alongside comprehensive leadership development.

It is the “Iron Man/Woman” of Leadership programmes, which requires participants to have the courage to be honest and to make changes in their lives. It is not for the faint hearted – it is for people who want to make a positive difference in the world and are ready to act. This approach has a proven track record. All the strategies have been tried and tested in a variety of industries and have been proven to work when they are applied consistently. The duration of the Programme and the high levels of support throughout the programme are deliberate – sustained intervention to facilitate lasting learning and positive change.

Senior Technician at Dental Applications LTD

Research shows that the impact of conventional leadership courses is often short-lived as people revert to their default, habitual behaviours. They therefore become an expensive tick-box training exercise. The process acts like a plaster on a sore rather than creating fundamental and lasting improvement in the quality of leadership. Poor quality leadership is incredibly costly to the individual, the organization and society. Poor leadership creates unhappiness for everyone involved. It is commonly identified as one of the main contributory causes of stress.

Most conventional programmes only provide strategies and processes that seek to develop or advance the leader’s role of influence instead of enriching and transforming them as a person. In turn, this produces limited results and does not allow for the greater potential of the leader to emerge in order to transform their life and the life of others by showing up as true, genuine Enlightened leaders. As a result, this hinders the scope of influence and impact that will be made on others.

In a new era of leadership, most are finding that there’s a deeper meaning to their overall purpose and reason for existing. This expands far beyond the approaches that have been taught in the traditional paradigms or even some of the most leading-edge programmes. Enlightenment, personal and spiritual mastery and leadership refinement are the core components required for creating a new landscape of leadership.

Whether you are at the start of your leadership career, a business owner who wants to create greater success with less stress or a company who wants to make the very best of your most precious resource – your people – you are looking at the roadmap you need right here. This programme will create and sustain dynamic, successful businesses, ensuring highly motivated and engaged staff with even greater productivity and profitability, making a positive impact on the world.

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